Cristian Ariza

Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer @Accenture

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Looking forward to create new complex software engineering projects.

Thrilled to use programming skills to help an amazing company create a fantastic product. Excited about business, startups, crypto and cutting-edge tech.

Engineering is my passion 🤝🏼

Experienced developer with 3 years in creating innovative projects. Promoted once in the first 18 months as a developer. Eager to contribute to exceptional businesses by crafting outstanding software products. Committed to prioritizing code quality over quantity. Worked in 5+ projects in the past years.

Coding Person

Knowing skills that matter

Front End

React - Redux - NextJS - JavaScript - CSS - HTML - TailwindCSS

Back End

Python - Git - Node - Express - PostgreSQL - MongoDB - Sequelize

Helping companies achieve their goals

Buenos Aires (Remote)

Software Engineer Analyst // Accenture

Sep 2022 to Present

  • • Executed a back end that serves an AI chatbot to analyze source code for security vulnerabilities, resulting in reducing potential security breaches by 20%.
  • • Revamped the database management UI by implementing a user-friendly interface with advanced filtering options, leading to a 10% reduction in data entry errors.
  • • Implemented security and data protection solutions to ensure access control of users' personal data.
  • • Decreased the response times of the API by 20% through optimizing the queries to the database.

Buenos Aires (Remote)

Software Engineer Associate // Accenture

May 2021 to Aug 2022

  • • Developed a platform that managed +150 web applications, providing security solutions with a modern and simple to use experience.
  • • Saved +20 hours per month by innovating in a new automated content delivery to developers, using a modern framework such as NextJS
  • • Created a front-end from scratch using React, Redux and TailwindCSS, providing a phenomenal user experience and interface.
  • • Improved the API queries speed by 30% through requiring and sending only the needed JSON data, which enhanced the overall app experience.
  • • Increased satisfaction rate versus the old platform from 80% to 95% by implementing feedback communicated from the developers.

Buenos Aires (Remote)

Full Stack Developer // Henry

Feb 2021 to Apr 2021

  • • Led a 5+ person team in developing an ecommerce website with secure authentication, automated emails, payment integration, and search functionality.
  • • Implemented user-friendly features like a product cart and streamlined paywall experience.
  • • Increased the back-end response time by 50% through better queries in PostgreSQL with Sequelize, accomplishing a better user experience.
  • • Decreased loading times by 20% in the front-end using techniques such as lazy-loading, reducing server calls, reducing image sizes, and more.
  • • Designed the user interface and experience with modern, simple and styles.